It's the final countdown. Are you ready?

Getting ready for CPD

CETpoints.com website will close at noon on Thursday 30th December 2021 while we prepare for the new GOC CPD scheme launching in January 2022.

We will be back on Wednesday 5th January 2022 with new CPD courses and the same great service providing you with content on a broad range of topics sufficient to meet all your requirements for the CPD scheme. All annual subscriptions and unused credits will roll over to the new CPD cycle.

There is still time for CET

If you still need to complete CET to meet the requirements of the 2019-21 GOC CET cycle we recommend that you do so as soon as possible. You can search CETpoints.com by profession type, keyword, and competency to identify suitable CET to complete. Completing CET early gives you a chance to contact us about any missing CET points should things go wrong. We upload completions to the GOC every week, usually on a Friday. So you should see your points in your GOC account within a week of completing CET with us.

You can complete CET on CETpoints.com at any time before noon on Thursday 30th December 2021. All completions received before this date will be included in our final upload to the GOC later that day.

Interactive CET

If you are looking for interactive CET look for the (i) logo or search "interactive" to return a full list of CET with interactive CET points.

Remember that interactive CET isn't complete until you have carried out the peer interaction and both you and your peer have confirmed the interaction. If you need interactive points this year make sure everything is completed and that you have received on-screen confirmation before noon on Thursday 30th December 2021.

If you haven't completed the interactive requirements for the CET before the deadline the points will be awarded as non-interactive.

Accepting "pending points"

Don't forget that you still need to accept any CET points that are "pending" in your GOC CET account after we upload them for them to count towards the 2021 total. This should be done in MyGOC before midnight on 31 December 2021.

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