Binocular Vision Disorders in Children Record lecture

This session will cover the basics of the developing visual system in a child and how this is related to the visual pathway and development of binocular vision.

The different types of strabismus which present in a paediatric population will be explored and how to identify these. There will be an emphasis on clinical investigation that can be achieved in primary optometric practice and how to prepare the patient for a referral into the hospital for secondary management.

The investigative techniques that will be explored include:

- Visual acuity in different ages of children

- Ocular alignment using the cover test and corneal reflections

- Ocular motility

- Convergence and accommodation

- Tests for binocular vision e.g. sensory, motor, and stereopsis

There will be slides on what Orthoptists and Ophthalmologists are looking for when it comes to a referral into the Eye Clinic.

There will be case examples to enhance the learning experience.

This lecture is written and will be presented by Mr Karzan Hughes. Karzan graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with a First Class (Hons) and was awarded the Haag-Streit Research Project prize for his empirical research on the prism adaptation effect of vertical fixation disparity.

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