Scleral Lenses for the Regular Eye

Scleral lenses have become increasingly popular for corneal ectasia and post graft patients, improving visual outcome as well as comfort and protecting the corneal surface. Scleral lenses are now being used for non-ectatic eyes, particularly patients with clinical dry eye such as Sjogren's, GVH and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. However, these lenses are also useful for astigmatic patients who do not have good optical stability with soft or corneal GP (Gas Permeable) lenses as well as patients who have become intolerant to their corneal GP’s.

This lecture will examine the reasons to fit scleral lenses on a non-ectatic eye, delegates will learn which eyes are suitable, how to determine the initial fitting lens. The lecture will also examine how to assess the fitting and make modifications to the fit based on clinical observations.

CPD Points: 1 credits: 1

Expiry Date: 31/12/2024


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