CET Completion in 2020


As many of you will already know, due to the coronavirus pandemic the GOC waived the requirement to earn at least 6 CET points for 2020. This means there is no annual requirement for CET points this year. The rules will return to normal in 2021, with a minimum of 6 points required for 2021 and a minimum of 36 CET points required for the CET cycle ending on 31 December 2021. Therapeutic optometrists, contact lens opticians and anyone joining or rejoining the register during the current cycle may have different requirements. 


You can complete CET on CETpoints.com at any time. Our website hosts CET on every competency, interactive CET and Peer Review. All completions we receive before 8am Tuesday 29th December 2020 will be included in our final upload to the GOC later that day and will count towards the 2020 total. Any CET completed after that will count towards the 2021 CET cycle.  


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