The Year of the Webinar

The Webinar Epidemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left much of our industry reeling in its wake. The initial lockdown and subsequent restrictions have made for a rapidly-evolving clinical landscape that is likely to change the way we practise forever. Although the pace of change has been tough to keep up with, not all change is bad, and there are likely to be long term benefits arising from some of the changes we have been forced to implement in 2020. 

Remote Learning

One of the biggest beneficial changes we have noticed in provision of continuing education is the uptake of remote learning. From the first day of lockdown we noticed much greater activity on our website. The number of online CET courses completed each day more than doubled overnight. In an attempt to further support this demand we organised a series of 12 weekly CET webinars and a series of online peer review sessions. It was a big challenge, at short notice and we are grateful to our sponsors, Optos, Maculogix, Visufarma, Scope, Avizor, Medicom, Bausch + Lomb and others, for funding the webinars so we could make them free to attend. 

Webinars & Peer Review

In the end we ran 19 webinars and 11 peer reviews in 12 weeks. Such was the success that we saw audiences climb as high as 940 people each week and we delivered more than 10,258 CET points between 6th April and 30th June.

New Schedule

As much as we would like to continue weekly webinars, there's no way we can keep up such a hectic schedule indefinitely. But webinars have proved too popular to stop doing them, so from July 2020 we changed to a monthly programme for webinars and peer review. This is in addition to the new online CET courses we add to the website every month. 

You can see the list of future webinars on our webinar page here. You can also access recordings of the most recent webinars from the same page. A subscription to CETpoints.com gives you full access to more than 130 hours of CET, including all the recorded webinars from 2020. You also get free access to our online peer review sessions.

Register Now

Don't miss out on the remote learning revolution - register now and complete all your CET requirements online. Registering with CETpoints.com is free. After completing your first course, you can add a subscription for £160, pay as you go, or just stick to the free content


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